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Anointed Feet Genesis-"Rain On Us"

"Dancing for God is the greatest joy a dancer can experience.  
In God's dance there is peace, love and total surrender."
-Patricia Burnett


All Praise Dancers must understand the importance of being called by God to dance (Exodus 3:1-12).  This is important, because as you begin to take this journey, you may be placed in various assignments such as leadership, mentorship, teacher and speaker.  You will not be able to hear from God as to the proper spiritual steps to take unless you have had what I call, "Your Burning Bush Experience".  This moment is the exact moment when God caused a supernatural experience that made you aware of Him calling you as a Dance Minister. Just as He did when He called Moses to lead the Israelites!(Exodus 3:1-12)

My moment was in a Spiritual Growth Class and the pastor was teaching on, "Believing God For Your Purpose".  This class went on for several weeks and it was during this time that I was praying and asking God to show me my purpose.  While sitting in this bible study, God spoke audibly to me and told me, "you are to teach".  I didn't know how to take this, but it was later revealed that I would begin a dance ministry and now I have my own ministry with two sites and a main location.  God is great and if we line up with His will for our lives, we will do great things in the Body of Christ for Him.

Here are some simple steps to insure that you have had a "Burning Bush Experience".
  1. In prayer meditate on the moment it was revealed to you to dance.  Think about the surroundings. What was the weather like?  Did He have someone speak to you or did you audibly hear His voice.  Think about all the details of that moment.  Write it down, always keep a journal.
  2. God always confirms His request (Isaiah 44:26). What was the moment or moments that God confirmed His calling on your life?  Again meditate on all the details.  Write it down, always keep a journal. 
  3. God always takes us through a process of perfecting our calling (Ephesians 4:12).  What were the steps He gave you to perfect your calling?  Did He tell you to take classes?  Did He give you a mentor?  Did He place you in a ministry?  Whatever he has ordered since your calling would be the process of Him perfecting your gift.  Again, write it down, always keep a journal.
Remember to continually develop and strengthen your prayer life with God.  This should be your number 1 priority for always having clear direction and building your relationship and calling with Him.

Be Blessed!



Anointed Feet Christian Dance Academy of Arts & Sports was founded by Patricia Burnett, with the assistance of Valerie Parks.  In 2006 they began a scholarship based program for youth ages 3-18.  This was a bold faith step, because God was using them to create something unlike its kind. Patricia and Valerie are also dancers, choreographers and modern day visionaries for Anointed Feet.

Since 2006 God has used Anointed Feet to teach youth and adults about their gift in dance and how to use it technically and spiritually for Him.  Since it's inception Anointed Feet has serviced over 100 youth/adults in dance.  Our unique style of Pante-dance, mime and lyturgical dance combined, which has created a style unique to Anointed Feet only.

Anointed Feet now has two sites and one main location in the Missouri and Illinois regions.  Each year the academy presents the dance presentation, "A Sacred Evening With Anointed Feet".  This presentation ignites an anointing that causes all who come to be transformed and renewed in their spirit.

We currently have several companies that minister all over the world. Anointed Toes, "The Feet", Genesis and Revelations.  If you are ever in our area, come and be mesmerized by the anointing that God has placed on the dance ministries of Anointed Feet.  You may also invite us to your next event, we are called to do it all.

We currently offer instruction in:
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Praise
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Step
  • Holy Hip-Hop
  • AF Pante-Dance
  • Dunham Technique
  • Graham Technique
  • African Dance
 For more information contact us 314-329-7020


Founder-Patricia Burnett
Patricia was inspired by God to begin the vision of Anointed Feet in 2004 at the church she was attending. By 2006, God had given her the vision to take it to the community so that more people would have the opportunity to experience His relationship in the arts.  Since beginning Anointed Feet, Patricia has implemented many classes, companies, workshops and now has 2 sites and 1 main location.  God has expanded the territory of Anointed Feet.  She never takes all the credit because this vision certainly could not have come about without the dedication and committment of the staff, volunteers, parents, donors, leadership team and total community.  There is no greater joy than seeing the faces of the many children whose lives this program has impacted.  She enjoys most hearing them refer to Anointed Feet as their foundation because this demonstrates God's mighty hand on the ministry.  If you would like to email Patricia you may do so at 

Academy Director-Valeri Parks

Valerie Parks has been with Anointed Feet since the inception in 2004. She assited Patricia with implementing the vision of Anointed Feet.  In 2006 she became the Academy Director and is now managing the Illinois site.  Valerie has been given a unique anointing with mime and to this day is one of the best mime choreographers in the world.  She is the creator along with Patricia Burnett of the Pante-Dance style, which is unique only to Anointed Feet.  Valerie loves God with an undying love and has committed her gift to serving Him first while sharing and imparting to the members of Anointed Feet.  She is amazed at how God continues to stretch her and the ministry and says that it is like an exciting roler-coaster ride that never ends.  She enjoys being stretched because she believes that this is one of the very reasons she is with Anointed Feet.  From the day she accepted her assignment she has been challenged with stepping out of her comfort zone and to this day still is.  It's what makes us tick.  If you would like to send Valerie an email, you may do so at

Artistic Director-Tasha Payne
Tasha has been with Anointed Feet for 4 years. She is the Artistic Director which makes her responsible for all productions at Anointed Feet.  She is also the Overseer for the Genesis Adult Company.  Tasha has choreographed some of our most famous pieces including "They Didn't Know" by Curt Carr which depict the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Tasha has a love for Christ and is excited about sharing her gift with the members of Anointed Feet.  Tasha came into the ministry a baby Christian and now has not only grown in her purpose of dance but has also discovered her gift in prophesy.  God has shown and spoken to her regarding various situations in her life and of the people she encounter.  She will be the first to tell you that God is not through with her yet but she will not seeking God until He is.  If you would like to send Tasha an email, you may do so at

Marketing Coordinator-Jean Jackson

Jean Jackson is the Marketing Coordinator for Anointed Feet.  She is on our frontline with the community, making sure that Anointed Feet is forging forward with God's vision.  She has two sons in the minitry and she and her husband Howard Jackson teach our Spiritual Foundation classes.  She credits God for using Anointed Feet to reveal her purpose.  She is an awesome Minister of His word and has the ability to bring the word to life with unique illistrations.  When she isn't teaching, you can find her scheduling engagements, updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as reaching out to the community and informing them of what God is doing for Anointed Feet.  Jean and her entire family has been a blessing to Anointed Feet.  If you would like to send Jean an email, you may do so at



Foundation Scripture:
"And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your
mind, that ye may prove what is that good, good and acceptable, and perfect, will of
God" -Romans 12:2

1. To teach Christians how to build a closer and stronger relationship with him
through Christian Arts.

2. To teach Christians how to stand on his word in all situations.

3. To develop Christians to be ministers in dance, drama and music as a form of praise and worship and draw all men to God through Jesus Christ. " And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me" -John 12:32.

Our mission from God is to promote spiritual praise and worship through the arts to all God's people. To minister the word of God through movement, music, drama and health and wellness. To present our bodies a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable to God.

Our main purpose from God is to lead souls to Christ and to always place God first in all that we do.


Anointed Feet offers scholarships in dance and voice. Currently we have 100+ participants in dance and voice. We offer scholarships in Missouri and Illinois.

Dance Scholarships:

The scholarship program is designed to provide instruction to the community at an affordable rate. We offer partial and full scholarships to ages 3-18. Each participant is required to take three classes; ballet, praise and tap. As the participant progresses in technique they are placed in other styles of dance such as Modern, Holy Hip-Hop, Mime, Step etc. All parents are required to assist with fundraising by volunteering, ticket sells, ad sells etc. We currently host 2 fundraisers to help with the financial obligations of the organization.
All music classes are instructed by instructors from the “The On The Go Music Program” and is designed to develop and enhance musical abilities of our members and expose them to fine arts activities. We currently offer scholarship in voice to ages 3-18. Additionally, we will provide our members with a strong foundation in music, and give each member the training and experience that will allow them to possess greater cognitive, emotional, physical and sensory advancement.

The music curriculum developed by “On The Go Music” will include many opportunities for our members to explore sound through singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments, as well as introductory experiences with verbalization and visualization of musical ideas. The music literature included in the curriculum will include spiritual songs, traditional children's songs, folk songs, classical music, and music from a variety of cultures, styles, and time periods. This program will spiritually connect a person to the gift God has placed inside of them.
If you would like more information regarding the music scholarships, please contact us at 314-614-9473.


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